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What an Expert Integrator Can Bring to Your Home Theater

We offer the best equipment and service for Los Angeles residents looking to install or upgrade a home theater system

What an Expert Integrator Can Bring to Your Home Theater

Given how inextricably the movie industry and Hollywood are linked with Los Angeles, it’s only natural that home theaters are something many locals want to have. But designing and building a quality home theater involves more than just picking out a big TV and speakers. You need a space that’s isolated from outside light and sound, and your equipment needs to be calibrated and spaced properly to deliver the best possible video and audio for viewers.

This is where an integrator like Elite Custom Audio Video becomes extremely valuable. Our extensive knowledge, experience and training make our home theater systems superior to anyone else in the area. If you want to see what an expert team can bring to your Los Angeles home, keep reading.

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An 8K or 4K UHD display provides the utmost image quality for your home theater. It’s also worth the expense to choose a display that uses High-Dynamic Range imaging, or HDR. TVs with HDR technology have a brighter, broader array of colors to create a more dynamic and vibrant image.

Another key feature of your display is its refresh rate. The refresh rate, which is measured in Hertz, indicates how many times the image on the screen updates every second (1 Hz is one refresh per second). A higher refresh rate means a clearer picture when anything is moving on the screen. Lastly, how a screen is lit makes a significant difference in terms of color contrast and black levels. That’s why we recommend you choose an OLED TV, where every pixel is lit individually.

Of course, your choice of speakers also makes a substantial difference in terms of audio quality. One of our preferred speaker brands is Pro Audio Technology. What sets them apart is that their speakers are specifically designed with technology used in commercial theater applications, not home use.

Most home theater products use sound compression that dampens the impact of what you hear, and the parts might be substandard. With Pro Audio Technology you get a true “cinema” feel instead of home audio that’s just been given an extra layer of polish. They have speakers that you can mount in your walls or ceiling, delivering superior audio performance while keeping the speakers out of sight.


Your choice of home theater equipment isn’t everything; how you use it and how it’s set up matters just as much. For example, getting the best image possible from your TV or projector requires adjusting multiple settings. These include brightness, contrast, black levels, inputs and more.

Your speakers will require the same careful calibration. They’ll need to be connected to any existing audio components and properly placed to deliver the best performance. If any new wiring is required, good luck finding someone local big box store who can handle it.

What really sets an expert integrator like Elite Custom Audio Video apart is our familiarity with home automation systems. Say you already have lighting control installed when you add your home theater. Instead of needing to dim your lights and turn on your home theater system separately, a properly integrated system lets you do both things with one command. That’s just a sample of what linked automation systems can do.

If you want to add an expertly crafted home theater system to your home, call us today. To learn more, fill out our online contact form or call us at (909) 931-2835. You can also leave a message in the chat box in your browser.

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