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Stay Cool and Save Money at Home with Motorized Shades

San Diego residents can avoid the worst summer heat and slash their utility bills with this powerful automation technology

Stay Cool and Save Money at Home with Motorized Shades

We’re no strangers to intense temperatures in San Diego. The heat isn’t the issue; the trick is finding a solution that’s economical and feasible. Air conditioning certainly helps, but running the A/C full blast all summer will quickly add up. There’s the backyard pool, but that doesn’t help much when you want to spend time inside.

You may find this hard to believe but doing something as simple as upgrading the shades in your home can make a dramatic difference when it comes to keeping cool. That’s why we wanted to tell you about our motorized shades and all the benefits they have to offer San Diego residents trying to beat the California heat.

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One way motorized shades boost energy efficiency is through something called daylight harvesting. Daylight harvesting is when you use your shades, lighting control, and other automation systems to make maximum use of the available sunlight hitting your home. In the summer, though, this created increased heat gain in the hottest times of day. Luckily, motorized shades can help! It’s easy to keep shades drawn as much as possible to mitigate solar heat gain.

The beauty of automated shades is that you don’t have to do any adjusting yourself. Your shades can do everything they need to do without your help. Once you’ve programmed a schedule or installed some heat and light sensors around your home, your shades will raise and lower themselves to automatically fit whatever parameters you’ve set. Some motorized shades will even adjust the angle of the blinds themselves for even finer control. If you want to make a change yourself, you can use your phone to lower or raise the shades without pulling on any chords.


Another way motorized shades help maintain the temperature in a room is by providing better insulation. Sunlight hitting the window generates heat, and that heat can quickly transfer to the interior of your home.

Nearly half of the average homeowner’s energy costs come from their HVAC system, according to the Department of Energy. If your motorized shades are helping to insulate your home, you’ll run the A/C less in the summer. By using more advanced fabrics and smarter designs than standard shades, your motorized shades mitigate solar heat gain, keeping you cooler in the summer.


Motorized shades are also very easy to integrate with other home automation systems. By combining the power of multiple systems, you can see even greater efficiency gains and add more convenience to your lifestyle.

Lighting control and motorized shades, for instance, are natural automation partners. When these systems are linked, you can combine their capabilities for a better result. Your shades will automatically adjust themselves to maximize daylight harnessing, and your lights will work in tandem to do the same. As we mentioned above, this helps you take better advantage of the available light.

Ready to see what life is like with motorized shades in your San Diego home? Call us today at (909) 931-2835 to get started on your project. You can also visit our contact page or use that chat box below to speak with a live customer service representative.

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