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How to be More Productive with Home Lighting Control

Improve Your Lifestyle with These Lighting Tips

How to be More Productive with Home Lighting Control

Wouldnt it be nice to squeeze a little more productivity out of every day? We may keep to our planners, go on runs before work, or multitask by listening to podcasts on our commute, but often it feels like life it too hectic to get everything done. But did you know that your homes lighting control can contribute to wellness and productivity? 

Lighting may not be the first thing you think of when trying to be productive, but with an integrated lighting system you may find yourself accomplishing more during the day, sleeping better at night, improving your mood, and saving time. To learn how lighting control can benefit your Orange County, CA home, continue reading below! 

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Tunable Lighting 

Our bodies have a natural internal clockour circadian rhythmthat regulates when we feel awake or restful. Our circadian rhythm is meant to follow sunlight, but as we spend more time indoors and up late at night, our rhythm can be disturbed by our routines. Our moods and minds are best suited to different light at various times, so why should our lightbulbs look the same all day and night?  

With smart tunable lighting, your homes bulbs will automatically transition from cool hues in the morning to a soft, warm tint in the evening. During the day, youll feel more alert and energized to tick off your to-do list. As the sun sets, lights will adjust accordingly, and the warmer shade will prepare your mind for sleep. Lighting has been scientifically proven to decrease symptoms of depression and improve sleep cycles and productivity. It is a helpful solution for your household and your health.

Controlled and Scheduled Lighting 

For further productivity, integrate your homes lighting fixtures into your home automation system, like Control4, to create scheduled presets. For example, time your outdoor lights to turn on automatically at seven thirty p.m., and indoor lights to all shut off at eleven. Additionally, you can control your lights from your smartphone, tablet, or voice-command speaker, no matter where you are. Turn off every light downstairs from your bedroom or turn them on before you walk in the door at night. Not only will this save time, but lighting prompts help keep you on schedule as reminders to go to bed or wake up. 

Ready to start living productively with lighting control? Call Elite Custom Audio Video at (909) 931-2835 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you! 

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