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Gear Up for 2020 with Smart Home Automation

Control4 Helps You Focus on What Matters Most

Gear Up for 2020 with Smart Home Automation

It’s time to plan new goals for 2020. One of the best things you can do to stay on track with your resolutions is to automate menial tasks in your daily routines so you can focus more on the bigger picture.

Control4 smart home automation connects all your disparate home systems into a single platform so you can command and automate your entire home from a single device—whether you’re there or away. You’ll never have to think twice about your home’s safety, your energy use, or entertaining pressures.

Read on to learn how a Control4 home automation system for your Orange County, CA property will help you focus more on what matters most in 2020.

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Make Entertaining Effortless

Hosting the perfect get-together for friends and family is a lot of work. If one of your resolutions is to open your home to more entertaining, a Control4 home automation system can help you keep the party going so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

From your smartphone or touchscreen panel, effortlessly access all your media to play from any connected speaker system or TV in your house. Stream playlists from sources like Spotify and Tidal, play songs from your private media collection, or start a movie in the media room—no matter where you are in the house. Control4 makes it easy to manage the media playing in any and every zone of your home from a single interface.

Travel with Confidence

Are you hoping to travel more in 2020? Extended vacations can be stressful knowing your home may be vulnerable to crime while you’re away. In the new year, leave your home in the same hands of Control4.

Smart surveillance and security integrated with your Control4 smart home system enables you to monitor your home at any time while you’re away from the convenience of your smartphone. Ensure your doors are locked, the garage door is closed, the alarm system is armed, and more. If suspicious activity occurs inside or around your home, you’ll receive alerts in real-time.

For even more security, integrated sensors can trigger your outdoor lights to illuminate or flash on and off when motion is detected on your property. Keep potential criminals away from your property altogether with a Mockupancy scene that adjusts your interior lights and shades at random intervals to trick onlookers into thinking someone is home.

Live Greener

While the severity of climate change may be up for debate, we all know the importance of living greener for a more sustainable planet. If one of your resolutions is to lower your carbon footprint, Control4 can help you manage your use of electricity by automating your thermostats, motorized shades, and home lighting to work together for optimal energy savings.

Regulate your home’s ecosystem with temperature sensors and automated settings to ensure lower electricity bills. In the winter, your shades can help insulate your home at night and let in solar heat and natural lighting during the day. In the summer, closed shades keep your home cool and give your HVAC system a break. Control your lighting and climate from anywhere with your smartphone for peace of mind and ultimate savings.

Ready to kickoff 2020 with smart home automation? Our team at Elite Custom Audio Video can help. Get in touch with our certified Control4 dealers by calling 909-931-2835, filling out our online contact form, or sending us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you.

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