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Does Your House Need A Whole Home AV System?

How Whole Home AV Syncs Your Home’s Technology Effortlessly

Does Your House Need A Whole Home AV System?

Imagine walking through your home and outdoor spaces with your favorite songs following you every step of the way. Or imagine the ability to start a summer blockbuster in your media room and continue watching later on your bedroom big screen. Envision the possibilities of controlling the entire system from a wall-mounted keypad, your smartphone, or tablet. Goodbye, remotes! Whole home AV makes all of this and more possible for you and your family.

But how will it function for you, and when will you use it? Continue reading below to discover how whole home AV will elevate your Los Angeles, California home. 

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What Does Whole Home AV Do?

If you love throwing parties and get-togethers during the summer, then whole home AV will be your charming co-host. Friends and family will feel united as the same songs blast through every room through your integrated speakers. If anyone wants to play DJ, they can easily choose the entire party’s songs from a tablet or smartphone. Adjust the volume by voice-command, play the same music videos on synched screens, and when the party’s over, turn the whole house off at once.

If you’re a dedicated music-lover, whole home AV will make music an even more integral part of your life. With your playlist in every room, you can enjoy subtle background music at all hours of the day. If you need to know what is going on in the world, listen to the morning news as you walk to make breakfast or listen to a podcast as you tidy up the house after work.

For outdoor lovers, whole home AV will take your media outside with you, so you can spend more time in the California sun. Music will emanate from integrated outdoor speakers, soundtracking every workout, barbecue, or game of catch with your dog.

How Does Whole Home AV Work?

To simultaneously stream audio in multiple rooms, that’s no problem.You’ll either need a multi-source receiver or control system, like Control4, that will send signals to amplifiers in select rooms. From there you can easily switch between sources, whether you’re tuning in to Apple Music, Spotify, a CD, DVD, Netflix, or radio.

Alternatively, with network cabling installed, AV signals will be directly distributed to multiple zones. This saves tremendous work and time, as you won’t have to run wires throughout the house. Compared to a wireless system, an installed network is more reliable and secure, and you won’t be limited to speakers made by one manufacturer. That way, if you’re ever interested in a new device, you can easily add it to your system.

If you’re ready to learn more about adding whole home AV to your Los Angeles, CA home, Elite Custom Audio Video can help. Reach us at (909) 931-2835, fill out our contact form, or message customer support in the chat box below! We can’t wait to speak with you.

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