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4 Smart Home Upgrades to Make for Spring

How Your Smart Home Can Improve Your Happiness, Wellness, and Productivity

4 Smart Home Upgrades to Make for Spring

It’s a new season in sunny San Diego—why not start a better and easier routine? Smart home technology is always evolving, and there’s something for everyone, even the most hesitant technophobes. Today’s smart devices and systems seamlessly blend into your home’s design, making life more comfortable to enjoy and free of distractions.

If you’ve considered adding smart home automation to your home, but aren’t sure where to start, consider upgrading one of the following areas in your house. 

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Whole-Home and Outdoor Audio

Take advantage of beautiful San Diego, CA spring nights and enjoy music everywhere you roam, from the yard to the kitchen. With an integrated whole home audio system, speakers will connect to your playlists and stations at the same time. Your favorite ‘80s playlist or true crime podcast? Hear it every step of the way from the pool to the living room. Alternatively, members of your family can choose to listen to whatever they want on each speaker, and a professional integrator can design audio zones that won’t interrupt each other.

Automated Window Shades

Need more privacy, but don’t want to sacrifice the view outside your window? Upgrade to motorized window shades, like the Serena by Lutron. The shades will lower automatically, either by a timed system, voice command, or a touch of a button.

Choose between room-darkening fabrics or light-preserving that allow you to still gaze outside and enjoy spring flowers. The shades will lower silently, too, so guests and activities won’t be interrupted.

Pool and Hot-Tub Control

When you arrive home, get your hot tub’s bubbles and heat ready right from your smartphone, timer, or voice command. Or turn on your pool’s filters and temperature settings before you leave work, so it will be ready for you as you return home  When your pool system is part of your smart home automation system, you’ll be able to turn it on and off from anywhere, anytime.

Tunable Lighting

Lighting has proven effects on our moods and mental health, so why use any-old lightbulbs? Tunable lighting is the latest adventure in smart technology. It adjusts your home’s lights throughout the day to match your circadian rhythm.

Stay alert and focused in the morning with white-blue light, like the sunny sky. In the late afternoon, relax and mellow out with warm, soft lighting. You’ll sleep better, feel more relaxed, and may even improve your exercise and eating habits. Tunable lighting is the best update you can make this spring for wellness.

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