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3 Factors to Keep in Mind with Conference Room A/V

Tips and tricks to make your conference room a more productive workspace for your Orange County, CA, business

3 Factors to Keep in Mind with Conference Room A/V

Do you hear groans every time you bring your staff into your conference room for a meeting? There may be a reason for that: Meetings are important and necessary for any business, but they can also be frustrating for both employees and managers.

One way to make meetings more productive and effective is to improve your conference room A/V system. Today’s blog will go through three design issues that prevent your Orange County, CA, business from making the best use of your conference room.



Unwanted noise is a significant distraction when you’re trying to get work done. Background chatter disrupts your concentration and that of everyone around you. No office can be completely silent, though, when people need to get together to plan and share information.

So, how do you solve the problem of ambient background noise? With proper soundproofing. By installing the right materials around your building and in popular areas like your conference room, you and your workforce can talk without generating distracting chatter. Your employees will be more productive, and you improve privacy and security by decreasing the chance someone will overhear something they shouldn’t.


Getting business done is much easier when your systems are communicating with each other. This is especially true when it comes to your conference room; struggling with individual systems will decrease productivity because you’re fussing with your devices instead of getting real work done.

A more effective approach is to integrate your systems. One-touch conference call systems that connect to your audio and video feeds are much simpler to work with than a cobbled-together network of devices. Additionally, you can save time and improve efficiency by connecting your A/V devices to other systems like lighting control. This gives you control over everything in the room from one device, giving you more flexibility and increasing efficiency.


There are more devices than ever putting a strain on your business’ network. From security cameras to your HVAC system and the computers in your office, every device you add creates additional strain. In turn, this leads to wasted time and money as you deal with performance problems and glitches.

To ensure smooth performance from everything on your network, including the devices in your conference room, look at your network infrastructure. You could see substantial gains by utilizing a more efficient configuration without having to pay your ISP more for better network speeds. Factors as basic as what cables you use and the placement of routers and switches can make a significant difference in network performance, but it takes an expert to set up your system correctly.

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