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2 Critical Components of Any Smart Home Theater System

The Tools for Creating the Ultimate Viewing Experience in Your Home

2 Critical Components of Any Smart Home Theater System

Home theaters can be found in various forms all across the United States. Americans love watching movies and with everyone spending more time at home now, they are becoming one of the home’s most important spaces.

That being said, the quality of your home theater system is going to depend heavily on having the right set up, especially in modern smart homes. One of our customers in Pasadena, CA recently hired us to update the quality of their existing home theater and we wanted to offer up advise to the rest of our clients on some unique ways smart technology can boost your theater.

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1. Lighting

It’s often the case that our clients are completely focused on their projectors and projector screens while completely ignoring the lighting in the room. This ultimately leads to a poor experience over time as your eyes struggle with the bright lights of your movie or TV show of choice.

A bright screen in a little dark room is well-known to cause eyestrain. Even in professional theaters, you’ll find that some lights are left on.

Many modern smart homes now integrate smart lighting systems into their theaters. These systems can add an additional layer of light that changes as your on-screen experience changes, reducing eyestrain (and the headaches that follow).

The other great advantage of adding smart lighting to your smart home is that you can then turn your home theater into more than just a theater. For instance, if you connect your whole home audio system with your smart lighting, you can transform your entire house, adding the same atmosphere you’d find at a club into your home for a private party.

2. Gesture and Voice Controls

One of the greatest developments in smart home technology is the advent of voice and gesture controls. While we recommend regularly cleaning remotes and touchpads, a hands-off approach to control can be the best option to improve your family’s health and comfort.

Many smart apps and remotes are equipped with both voice control and gesture control. These make searching on your smart TV, adjusting lights, or dimming those aforementioned lights a lot easier. They also allow members of your household who may struggle to learn new modes of control to take advantage of your theater.

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